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I have always been obsessed with strong imagery and art. Since I was a kid I was drawing on everything. I majored in art and music and went on to build a successful marketing company. I am a husband and a father of two beautiful little girls.

Whether I am behind the camera, helping my clients concept and write or editing to tell the perfect story, I can help make your message clear.

The services I offer are:

Adobe Premier Editing, Aerial Video and photography, Camera Operator, After Effects designs, writing and shooting ads and commercials, shooting and editing documentary's, (DIT) Data Intermediary Services, Event filming, Event photography and Fine Art photography of any kind.

Gear I have: State of the Art 4k Editing station, Blackmagic Mini Pro 4.6k camera, 5D Mark III Camera, DJI Phantom 4+ PRO, Small LED and Fresnel lighting gear, Zoom Audio Recording gear and Lavs.

Call today, let's collaborate and I will not let you down.

(772) 766-3194 or email at

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